Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hinoki Gallery Show

On Friday, September 17 it took us 4 - 5 hours to get from Kyoto to the town of Katsuyama in Okayama Prefecture where the Hinoki Gallery is. En route we passed through some beautiful countryside tinged with the yellow-green color of rice planted on any available plot of land. Chisako's charming friend Akemi took time off her duties at her farm to meet us at the bus stop and drive us the last leg of our journey.

Akemi, Chisako, Diana and me in Katsuyama...after a wonderful lunch

After lunch we got to work setting up the show at the Hinoki Gallery. Yoko Kano, a talented weaver and textile artist, opened Hinoki 13 years ago. The gallery is housed in a 250-year-old former sake factory that had been owned and run by Yoko's family for many generations. It is where Yoko grew up and stayed to raise her own family of three children. Her daughter Kapo, who speaks beautiful English and teaches it to local students, helps Yoko keep the gallery running smoothly. They were incredibly warm and welcoming hosts and by the end of our visit we felt like family.

Front door of Hinoki Gallery with noren made by Yoko

Yoko in front of Hinoki Gallery building. Love those shibori dyed pants she made!

Behind the Gallery is Yoko's home and studio, leading to steps down to the river.

Hinoki Gallery interior, looking up into the rafters.

We loved this couple! He  made his shirt from a sporting-event flag he overdyed. Oh, and he also dyed the yarn for her dress with natural dyes... and wove the fabric. Her hat and 100-year old bag are to die for!

Chisako working the crowd at the opening!

Akiko, in her new scarf, made by me.

Our lovely hosts, Yoko and Kapo.

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