Thursday, September 16, 2010

Joi Rae Textiles

Jorie Johnson lives in the south end of Kyoto, not far from Fushimi-Inari, so we made our way to her home and studio after our visit to the shrine. She had recently returned from her summer teaching tour in the States but showed no signs of fatigue -- she is a bundle of energy and quite the host ! Joi Rae Textiles is the name of her company and she makes stunning and beautifully crafted felt garments and accessories. A selection of her pieces are the first things you see when you step foot into the "foyer" of her house. After enjoying a delicious lunch she prepared for us -- roasted eggplant, seaweed, green salad, squash soup and chestnut cake --  we got down to business admiring, touching, and trying on  her various garments. She will be having a show at the Silk Weaving Studio and teaching a workshop through Maiwa next fall, so there's some ime to save our pennies for a purchase or two.

I have Jorie to thank for recommending green tea Kit Kat candybars. I picked some up at the airport on my way home and they were a huge hit with my family!

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